5 Essential Tips for Transitional Outfits from Summer to Fall

As someone who grew up in Southern California, the transition between summer and fall is the most awkward period of time.  It’s cold in the morning, but by 1pm the temperature cranks up to 80-90 degrees.  Thus, I’ve had to develop a few “rules” for my transitional outfits from summer to fall.

1. Invest in lightweight jackets

The easiest way to create a transitional outfit is to add on a light jacket that you can easily take off when the weather gets warmer or throw on for a chilly night.

Wear breathable pants

Another great addition to your transitional wardrobe is a pair of pants made from a breathable material such as linen. These types of pants will be light enough to make it breathable for a warm day but also give you a bit more warmth than shorts would.

Plan for light layers

When the weather is getting chillier, but not chilly enough to break out your winter coat, layering will be essential. I personally love layering turtlenecks under a crewneck sweater or dress.

Sweaters over dresses are your best friend

Another technique I use all the time is layering a sweater over a dress. This is great because if it’s warmer during the day you can wear the dress as is, but if it’s colder in the morning or at night, you can throw on a sweater over the dress and pretend the dress is a skirt.

Match shorts with a heavier jacket

Finally, you can wear shorts with a heavier jacket such as a leather jacket or blazer. This will allow your legs to breathe but still give off fall vibes, especially when paired with some boots!

Hope this gives you some transitional outfit ideas for that awkward weather between summer and fall!

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