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How to Wear Dark Academia in HOT Weather

A couple months ago, I created a video on how to wear dark academia in hot weather.  It seemed to help a lot of people out, so I wanted to summarize it here on my blog!  Here are some tips and essentials for building a dark academia wardrobe for hot weather.  I hope this is helpful if you live in a hot climate or just want to build a wardrobe for the summer months!


1. Focus on Fabrics

Linen Trousers

My first tip is to focus on the fabric content of the items you buy.  It may require a little bit of research into whether or not the fabric is good for warm weather, but as a general rule of thumb: cotton, linen, and rayon are great, lightweight fabrics that will help you stay cool in the heat.  In addition, merino wool is a great fabric for socks.  I know it sounds crazy to wear wool in heat, but merino wool has temperature regulating properties and is great for wicking away sweat and moisture (which also has the added benefit of keeping your feet from smelling as bad).

2. Go for a looser, comfortable fit

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the actual fit of the garment.  Try to get a comfortable, loose fit so the fabric doesn’t cling to your skin.  One tip is to try checking athletic clothing brands.  It sounds counter-intuitive for building a dark academia wardrobe, but many athletic clothing brands such as Lululemon and Athleta also have basic office wear options that fit the aesthetic well.  These are great options as they are made to be very comfortable!

3. Fake Layering with a Dickey

Another tip is to fake layering with a dickey.  Layering is essential for taking your dark academia outfits to the next level, but in hot weather, it just does NOT work.  But, there’s a solution for that!  Dickey’s are fake turtlenecks and collared shirt that just consists of the top neck portion.  Thus, you can have the cute turtleneck and button-up layering without the hot, sweaty sleeves!

4. Look for the same necklines and silhouettes as regular dark academia

A tip for sticking to the dark academia aesthetic is to look for the same kinds of necklines and shapes we all know and love in regular dark academia.  For example, instead of long sleeve button up shirts, go for short sleeve button up shirts.  Instead of pleated trousers, go for pleated shorts.  Instead of a long sleeve turtleneck, go for a short sleeve mock neck.  There’s a lot of options for getting the dark academia aesthetic if you just use a little creativity.

Cropped Puff Sleeve Top

5. Don’t be afraid to mix aesthetics

Unless you’re really set on a strictly dark academia aesthetic, don’t afraid to mix aesthetics!  For example, welcome some cropped silhouettes in your wardrobe for a more casual academia look, or mix the flowy, airiness of cottagecore and create a dark cottagecore wardrobe!

6. Focus more on the dark academia accessories

Another tip for getting that dark academia aesthetic is to put more focus on accessories.  Since it’s harder to wear dark academia clothing in the summer, try bringing in more dark academia accessories to get that vibe.  For example, you can get a leather satchel, headbands, hair ribbons, or vintage inspired jewelry.


As a short disclaimer, I personally believe there is no one set of basics everyone should have because what you consider basics depends on your lifestyle and preferences.  For one person, a plaid skirt may be an essential, but not everyone wears skirts or likes skirts or is able to wear skirts due of their job.  So instead, I’ll list some basics ideas to help you pick and choose what you want for starting your wardrobe.

  • Short sleeve button-down or button-down shirts made from thin, breathable materials
  • Short sleeve/tank top mock neck shirt
  • Pleated trousers/slacks but a thin, breathable fabric
  • Pleated shorts or even just a nice pair of black or brown shorts
  • Plaid skirts/dresses/skorts (of any length)
  • Thin, long duster cardigan instead of a coat
  • Shoes – oxfords, mary janes, loafers, flats
  • Dark academia accessories

Hope this helped and gave you some inspiration on how to wear dark academia in hot weather! For more fashion and dark academia content, check out my YouTube channel:

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