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Fairycore Aesthetic Basics: How to Build a Fairycore Wardrobe

While my blog and YouTube channel are more known for dark academia fashion, I actually love all sorts of fashion styles and trying new aesthetics (I thank my indecisive Gemini energy for that).  Lately, I’ve seen the fairycore aesthetic pop up and I am loving it.  Now I’m no expert on the aesthetic, but I thought I’d put together a list of items I’ll be looking out for to get a taste of fairycore in my wardrobe.  Here is my list of fairycore aesthetic basics and details to keep an eye out for.

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A crochet cardigan

One thing I have been keeping an eye out for is a crochet cardigan. Of course, there is the DIY route as well, so I’ve also been debating on learning to crochet one myself, though it may take me quite some time to complete with my lack of experience.  I think the look of a crochet cardigan (especially a homemade one) is down to earth and fitting for the fairycore aesthetic.

A flowy skirt or dress

A flowy skirt or dress is a must, especially one in a smocked/prairie style, one with ruffles, or one with an asymmetrical hem.  This can overlap with the cottagecore aesthetic as well.

Muted, earthy colors

I think muted, natural colors would be best as this aesthetic is greatly inspired by nature, so I have been keeping an eye out for items in green, brown, off-white, or berry colors.

Lace or crochet details

As with the crochet cardigan, lace and crochet details in general are quite fitting for the fairycore aesthetic.  I especially love them in skirts and dresses, however crochet tops are also beautiful additions to a fairy core wardrobe.

A slouchy crossbody purse

Of course, you’ll need a place to store your belongings (or whatever you’ve foraged in the woods!), and I think a slouchy crossbody (perhaps crocheted) purse in an earthy color would go with almost any outfit.

Brown boots

This isn’t the only shoe that would match the aesthetic (open toed slippers/sandals or flats, or even going barefoot work as well!), but I think brown boots would be very versatile and practical.  I am looking out for one with a lace-up detailing and a woodsy vibe.

Arm warmers

While this isn’t a necessity or essential per se, I love the look of arm warmers with a fairycore outfit and I’d love to find or DIY some myself.

I hope this helps if you are also looking to build a fairycore wardrobe!

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