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8 Dark Academia Room Decor Ideas

This post is long overdue, but I am finally talking about dark academia room decor.  Many of my room decor ideas are inspired by vintage decor and items that give off that macabre dark academia vibe.  I hope this is helpful if you are planning to redecorate your home.  I do have a YouTube video already out on dark academia room décor so do check that out for more ideas, if you haven’t already!

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Illustrations and Artwork

First off, there are many options for wall décor that fit the dark academia aesthetic.  Vintage-style illustrations, especially those featuring an academic field such as botany or anatomy are perfect for your walls, as well as vintage photographs, or your favorite paintings.  You could also post up some book pages or sheet music.

Pressed Flowers

Pressing some flowers is one way to DIY some décor for your wall.  You could also dry some flowers and leave them in a mason jar or vase on your desk.

Busts or Mini Statues

Busts or statues are also common dark academia room decor.  I’ve also seen some busts that double as pen holders or small plant pots – practical and aesthetic!

Lanterns or Antique Light Fixtures

Anther practical way to decorate is to find some lanterns or vintage/antique light fixtures.  These are perfect for decorating your desk or workstation.  I would keep my eye out for these at swap meets, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Antique Clocks

Similar to the antique light fixtures, antique clocks also fit the dark academia aesthetic well and of course, are very practical.

Candle Holders

I also love the look of vintage or vintage-inspired candle holders.  It is such a small detail that makes a big difference in your room.

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors add a romantic touch to a dark academia room.  Not only are wall-mounted mirrors perfect for room decor, but handheld mirrors can be a gorgeous addition to your room as well.  They can also be found at flea markets and thrift stores.

Animal Skulls or Insect Display Cases

Finally, on the more macabre side of dark academia room decor, animal skulls (perhaps you could also papier-mâché one yourself?) or insect display cases can fit the aesthetic as well.

If you want more ideas, watch my YouTube video as well!  Hope this gives you some inspiration for your room. For more dark academia content, check out these posts.

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