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Where to Shop for Fairycore Clothing

Fairycore is yet another aesthetic that has quickly risen in popularity during the pandemic. It is an aesthetic similar to cottagecore, but incorporates more magical and nature-inspired elements and is more ethereal rather than based in farm-life. Many people are becoming interested in the fairycore style, but don’t know where to shop for fairycore clothing. Here is a list of 7 options for those interested in building a fairycore wardrobe.


This is always my first option for shopping, but especially for aesthetics like fairycore or cottagecore.  Common items for these aesthetics are easily thriftable, and there are even online options for thrifting such as Depop, Poshmark, and ThredUp.  I try to thrift when I can because it is much more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and you can often find more unique pieces when thrifting.


Etsy is another great option for finding unique fairycore pieces, and you can often support small businesses by shopping here!  I particularly love the jewelry options on Etsy.  You can find beaded jewelry, crystal jewelry, elf ears, and jewelry that incorporates fairy, mushroom, and floral elements.  There are also great clothing options for fairycore.  Try searching for prairie skirts, asymmetrical skirts, patchwork tops, and peasant tops.  And check out my YouTube video and blog post on how to build a fairycore wardrobe for even more fairycore essentials to search for!

Fairy Crystal Necklace from Etsy

Free People

Free People is a great store with a hippie/bohemian vibe.  Thus, there are quite a few options that can also fit the fairycore aesthetics, such as long flowy skirts and dresses, knit items, and more.


Similarly, Madewell may have a few options that fit the flowy vibe of fairycore.  I have seen prairie style skirts and dresses, as well as peasant tops here, especially in their summer collections.  While their overall aesthetic isn’t quite fairycore, I have seen a few fairycore gems here in the past.

Tiered Midi Dress from Madewell


Modcloth is another store that doesn’t quite have a fairycore vibe, but you may find some items that fit the aesthetic.  I especially like their accessories, as they have a lot of funky and slightly camp items.  For instance, a lot of their tights fit the fairycore and fairy grunge styles.  It’s also worth checking out their bags, jewelry, and shoes.


YesStyle is a great option for those on a budget and who do not have access to secondhand shopping.  They have a lot of options for both fairycore and fairy grunge wardrobes.  They have everything from skirts to shirts to accessories at affordable prices.  Make sure to read their reviews before purchasing and check their size chart as a lot of their items run small!


ASOS/Topshop is another affordable option for fairycore.  You may have to do some digging as the store does not cater only to fairycore styles, but you can often find flowy blouses, skirts, and accessories that fit the aesthetic.  I also love that they have petite, tall, curvy, and maternity lines!

Minga London

Finally, Minga London is an ethical and sustainable brand I’ve recently discovered that has options for quite of lot of aesthetics. Recently, they’ve released a forest-y collection that fits perfectly with the fairycore/dark fairycore aesthetic!

I hope these options help you out for finding where to shop for fairycore clothing! Let me know in the comments if you know of any other places, and check out the gallery below for some great finds from these stores!

Fairycore Finds!

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