The 5 BEST Aesthetics for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! I don’t typically like wearing a lot of color but when Valentine’s Day comes around I’m a sucker for pink, red, and anything heart-shaped. If this sounds like you, check out these 5 best aesthetics for Valentine’s Day.

For those obsessed with hearts and anything heart-shaped: LOVECORE

Lovecore, also known as heartcore and valentinecore, is an aesthetic associated with the kinds of visuals you would see on Valentine’s Day – think hearts, bouquets, love letters, candy and a color palette of red, pink, and white. It is very much inspired by the commercialization of love and the culture of manufactured love. In terms of fashion, you would see a lot of Valentine’s-esque graphics such as heart patterns, date-night attire like satin dresses, and feminine silhouettes like puff sleeves and ruffles or shirring.

For those who’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow: CHERUBCORE

Cherubcore is a subset of Angelcore, and like the name suggests, it is inspired by the imagery of heavenly cherubs. It differs from Angelcore in its sweet, baby-like innocence, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day as a nod to Cupid. Cherubcore fashion is similar to lovecore in terms of feminine silhouettes, but also has more youthful articles of clothing such as frilly skirts and Mary Jane shoes.

For those who can’t stop daydreaming about their crush: DREAMY AESTHETIC

The dreamy aesthetic (not to be confused with dreamcore) is inspired by, well, dreams. You would see a lot of pastel colors and white, reminiscent of the sky. It has a very ethereal vibe similar to Angelcore, and you can see items like ruffled or lace tops, flowy silk shirts and dresses, simple jewelry, and glowy makeup in this aesthetic.

For those who want to be treated like royalty: ROCOCO

Rococo is an aesthetic that goes way back — it’s a fine art and design movement that developed in Paris in the early 1700s as a reaction against the Baroque movement of Louis XIV’s court. There’s a lot of history behind this aesthetic, but to keep it brief, let’s just talk about what it looks like. You would see a lot of pastel colors, nature themes, asymmetry, curving lines. Modern-day fashion elements you can incorporate in your wardrobe to give off a rococo vibe include gloves, hand fans, diamond or pearl jewelry, lace chokers, ribbons, frilly dresses and skirts, and brocade or jacquard fabrics.

For those who write love letters and go on museum dates: ROMANTIC ACADEMIA

Romantic academia is a subset of dark academia, an aesthetic that romanticizes elite university life and the love of knowledge. Romantic academia specifically focuses on romance literature and the Romantic era. For a color palette, you would see a lot of light neutral colors like white, cream, and beige, but you can also see some pops of color like soft pinks, reds, forest green, and navy blue. Some items to look for include sweaters, turtlenecks, silk blouses, plaid skirts, a-line skirts, pleated trousers, and pinafore dresses.

These are the best aesthetics for Valentine’s Day, but they can also be worn year-round if you’d like! They are romantic, timeless aesthetics and you can’t go wrong with them any time of year. If you liked these, definitely check out dark academia and fairycore!

I also recommend checking out my video on feminine aesthetics here

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